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Eurecnet - Welcome to EUREC

European Network of Research Ethics Committees - EUREC

EUREC is a network that brings together already existing national Research Ethics Committees (RECs) associations, networks or comparable initiatives on the European level. The network promotes capacity building and assistance for local RECs to cooperate in the EU European Research Area. As an umbrella organization the network interlinks European RECs with other bodies relevant in the field of research involving human participants like the European Commission's ethical review system and the European Medical Association (EMA). EUREC cooperates with organizations that support research ethics. Such a network forms the infrastructural basis to promote awareness of specific working practices of RECs across Europe, to enhance the shared knowledge base of European RECs, to support coherent reviews and opinions and to meet new challenges and emerging ethical issues. EUREC has been founded in 2005. EUREC Inc. is listed in the register of associations since 2012.

Principal objectives:

  • to foster a sustainable infrastructure for European RECs in order to promote exchange and cooperation and to allow for international cooperation
  • to gather information on RECs in Europe in order to build a basis for mutual exchange
  • to collect and evaluate training materials for REC members in order to enhance the quality of review
  • to conduct capacity building in order to facilitate the development of national REC networks
  • to identify emerging ethical issues in order to develop common solutions for challenges posed by new technologies and scientific methodologies
  • to promote science and research in the realm of bioethics and medical ethics
  • to assist in the harmonization of the multidisciplinary ethical reviews of medical research purposes that are carried out on humans as well as materials or data extracted from them
  • to support the quality of biomedical research at the European level by high quality of ethical reviews
  • to improve the protection of human subjects in all aspects of medical and health-related research involving human subjects, human material or data

Contact: eurec@eurecnet.org