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Eurecnet - Legislation: Greece

Legislation: Greece

    The legislative framework regarding RECS, consists mainly of the following most recent pieces of legislation:

  • Act 2071/1992 (NHS) establishment of National Council of Medical Ethics and Deontology
  • Data Protection Act 2472/1997
  • Act 2667/1998 : National Bioethics Commission
  • Act 2619/1998: ratification of the Oviedo Convention
  • Ministerial Decision DYG3/89292/31.12.2003 (incorporating Directive 2001/20/EE into domestic law)
  • Act 3418/2005 Code of Medical Ethics and Deontology

  • The most recent Act 3653/2008 on Research and Technology, albeit it refers to the evaluation of research protocols, does not make any reference to the role of Ethics Committees in this evaluation.

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