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Date: 09/10/2020 to 09/12/2020

Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Further information: https://www.confix.eu/

Description: The 2020 Annual Conference of the European Association of Centres of Medical Ethics (EACME) will be held at luliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy, in Cluj-Napoca (Romania).

The EACME conference will offer an opportunity to explore old and new ethical issues related to healthcare in the context of rapid advances in data and digital technologies, and other health technologies. These developments raise important questions about their transformative effects on individuals’ lives, doctor-patient relationships, but also existing ethical and governance frameworks.

Against this background, it is important to encourage open dialogue and critical thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of technological advances and the challenges they pose for good ethical practice. The conference will offer a platform for exchange and stimulate reflection about innovative and ‘smart’ ways of addressing these issues in theory, policy and law, and practice. Is the medical ethics community ready for the future challenges?

The aim of the conferences is to facilitate a multidisciplinary approach to ethical questions raised by scientific and technological developments in healthcare by bringing together scholars from bioethics and other related fields across Europe.

Interactive panels will discuss different bioethical issues in new and developing areas of healthcare.

We are looking forward to hosting the 2020 Annual conference of EACME in Cluj-Napoca – the heart of Transylvania!


Keywords: health system; medical ethics; technology ethics

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