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EUREC Projects: ROSiE

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    Responsible Open Science in Europe (ROSiE)


    ROSiE will provide an analysis and develop practical tools aimed at ensuring ethics and research integrity in open science and citizen science. This will be done by a strongly multi-disciplinary project group consisting of world-leading experts and organizations in these three fields.

    Open science does raise new questions about research ethics, integrity and misconduct. Re-search misconduct and questionable research practices occur in the current scientific processes, and it is likely that similar or new forms of misconduct and questionable practices will emerge in open science, too. It is therefore important to identify and analyse the potential for misconduct in various areas of open science practice and in different scientific disciplines, and to identify and analyse current ethical, social, and legal approaches responding to questionable practices. It is only based on such an analysis that the European science system can effectively ensure that ethics and research integrity become a structural component of open science.


  • Provide a systematic inventory of ethics and research integrity, social, and legal implications and challenges of open science; and of existing technologies and platforms that safeguard responsible open science.
  • Conduct consultation and stakeholder engagement aimed at creating and sustaining a community of practice involving all European stakeholders interested in open science and ethics and research integrity.
  • Conduct a strategic policy assessment for promoting responsible open science and develop operational guidelines for relevant stakeholders, including a complement to the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.
  • Develop an ethics and research integrity knowledge hub for open science and training materials for ethics and research integrity aspects of open science.
  • Duration: Mar 2021 - Feb 2024

    For further information visit the ROSiE website and Twitter @rosie_open

    Logo of the European Union: Circle consisting of twelve yellow stars on blue background.

    ROSiE has received funding from the European Unionís Horizon 2020 research and innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 101006430.

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